Newborn Photographer Pasadena {Paige at 6 weeks}

Paige decided early she was ready to meet the world.  Sometimes babies do that.  You have everything all planned out and they say, “hey, I’m ready!” 3 weeks early!  She was an early surprise for her mother and father, and for us!  Newborn photographer Pasadena, Nicola had gone into labor early herself, so this newborn session had to get squeezed in a little later than we usually would.  A whole 5 weeks later!

An older baby can make the session a little harder, as they are more alert and harder to mold into all the cute props.  But after some patience, Paige gave into Nicola’s baby whispering techniques, and slept through the second half of her session and some really cute poses!

Look at those cheeks!  We can’t stand it!  We get to have Paige back as a member of our Baby;s First Year plan and see her as she grows and we can;t wait.  Next session will be in March so look out for that!


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