Choosing a Print Size

Choosing the best print size for your images. 

Have you ever been confused about what size print to get and why when you order an 8×10 print, what seems to be the world standard for a basic print, you seem to lose a bit of your image. Well here is a little explanation for you and I hope it clears up the confusion.

The following information is written entirely from Nicola’s head and very much in non-technical terms, so we really hope this makes sense, and will help you understand what sizes are best to order for each of your favorite images.

One of the things that is most confusing in modern photography is the size, or dimensions, of digital files. When cameras where invented they used an 8×10 plate to capture the image, then when made smaller it was made into a 4×5 glass plate. A direct half of the original plate.

When digital cameras and their chips were made the dimension fit an 8×12 ratio. So basically the digital geniuses that made the camera chip decided to totally change how images were captured. Now this would be fine if the frame industry had followed along, but as most of you know the most common frame size or opening is an 8×10. you will rarely find an image opening to fit an 8×12 image.

What does this mean for you? Well it means that when you order your favorite image in an 8×10 print or some other sizes you will inevitably be cutting off 2 inches from your image. This happens no matter what. It also happens with 5×7 and 16×20 sizes as well as a few others as you go larger.

In the horizontal image example below you can see the areas marked out for the different image sizes. With this example there is enough room on each side to loose 2 inches and it will not effect the image too much. Personally I looked at each file individually to find the best size for that image.

In this portrait example you can see that the original image is much closer in so you have to be more careful when choosing the print size. For the 8×10 and size I took the liberty of centering the image, hence the faded area at the bottom of the image.

Now when you order your prints, canvases and other keepsakes through Nicola Borland Photography you can rest assured that every image order is placed personally by hand by a staff member, if not Nicola herself, and great care is taken to make sure all images look correct in their chosen size. If an image is ordered, say of a family portrait on the church steps, and you would like an 8×10, but when I go to size it you loose Aunt Bettie and Uncle Michael off the edges due the ratio/dimensions, I will contact you to find a more suitable size, or help you choose another similar image that will work better.

If you have your own family images that you take to one of the large chain stores they will not give you the same customer care. They will just take your digital file, put it in the machine and print out a low standard image. Which would you prefer? Losing Aunt Bettie and Uncle Michael, or finding a perfect size to include the whole family? I’d go for option two, please.

So when you are thinking of what gift prints to buy your Grandma or favorite cousin, or deciding on a large wall fine art canvas please take these sizing charts into consideration and contact us with any questions. 🙂

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