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Nicola used to have a really long bio here. In fact you can scroll down and see that below if you want to. But now there are 3 additions. Because of these additions, Nicola’s bio is now a lot shorter.


  • Wife to Luis
  • Mother of Twin Boys – 6 Months old
  • Tired 🙂

Nicola has reprioritized a lot of things in the last 6-12 months and is now ready to photograph your own new addition(s) to your family.

Here are her new additions, Grayson Luis and Logan Michael.  Born August 6th, 2016 in Pasadena, CA. Grayson looks like Grandpa Borland, and Logan looks like his father, Luis.

Mum and Boys NBP


Hello my name is Nicola and I see beauty everywhere.  I think the world is made up of puppy dogs and rainbows, with a side of unicorns mixed in.  And I think I’m very funny!  No, but really, my tag line, “Capturing The Beauty In You” came about very organically after thinking about what I really love to do, and what the results of my artistic visions have created.

Born in Scotland I grew up in a regular family with my parents, sister and 3 goldfish, that I am convinced lived for 18 years.  Some of my relatives lived close by, but some further away in the Czech Republic.  I was fortunate enough that my family had the ability to travel to see our relatives, and in the winter, to sunnier climes in the Canary Islands.  Scotland is pretty cold in the winter, so this was always something to look forward to.  I think it was here that I developed a love of photography.  Mostly of sunsets and pretty trees, and sometimes my sister in a bikini. Hahahaha!

Other than photographing on these holidays, I had a slow start in the art world.  Mainly due to my art teacher telling me I was no good at art when I was 12.  Yup, it was a pretty encouraging school system.  (Yes, I can laugh now!)  I didn’t really shoot much until I went traveling after high school, to exotic destinations like Australia, Fiji and Africa.  But even then it was just a point and shoot camera.

It wasn’t till I returned and had to pick a career that I turned to photography.  “Ok, Dad.  I want to be a surf photographer.”  And he said yes!  So I moved from Scotland to California, and with a few twists and turns, here I am, living in Pasadena and shooting weddings and portraits.  I still love surf photography, but people are my passion now.

As my friends know, I am nothing if not honest, so I’ll tell you something. Some photographers might tell you it’s all puppies and rainbows, but I’m here to tell you that running your own business is hard work.  But if it’s work that you love, which I do, then it’s worth it.  And I really do love meeting new people and getting to know them, and I really do get excited at each session for the images I get to capture for my clients.  My most treasured possessions are some old photographs I have of my grandparents, and knowing that some of the images I capture, will become those treasure possessions for my clients and their kids and grand kids is the best feeling.

So, in conclusion, I’m a bit crazy, have the gift of the gab, great at sarcasm, hate mushroom, love classic cars and photography, and look forward to meeting you.

Because most  portrait sessions and weddings are held on the weekends, if you contact me during that time, I’ll try and return your call or email on the next business day.  I close the studio on Wednesday’s for my day off, so will reply on Thursday. 🙂



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